Can Solar Panels Generate Electricity In Snowy Days?

Can solar panels generate electricity in snowy days?

Installing solar panels is a good way to save energy and protect the environment. However, for people living in cold regions, snow accumulation can cause major problems. Can solar panels generate electricity on snowy days? In this regard, Joshua Pierce, an associate professor at Michigan Technological University, said: “If the snow completely covers the solar panels, only a small part of the sun’s rays pass through the snow and hit the solar panels. Then the energy produced is obviously less.” He also said: “Even a small amount of snow on the panels will greatly reduce the power generation of the entire system.” Regarding these issues, there is currently a discussion about solar panels in severe cold climates. Can the research on power generation continue? The loss is expected to affect the energy expenditure of solar users, but it will only have a serious impact on those users who are completely dependent on solar photovoltaic power generation and have not achieved traditional grid-connected power generation. For most households and businesses that still have power grids, the economic impact is still very limited. However, energy loss is still a problem in improving the optimal utilization of solar energy. The study also included the positive impact of snowy weather on the formation of solar panels. "When snow falls on the ground and the battery panels are not covered by anything, the snow on the ground is like a mirror to emit sunlight back, so the power generation of the battery panels will increase," Pierce said. "In many cases , The reflection of snow will slightly promote photovoltaic power generation.” Pierce described several methods they used to increase the power generation of solar panels in the presence of snow. Tips for power generation in snow:

 1. Clear snow at the right time You may need a tennis ball at this time. It is a good way to use tennis balls to bounce and shake on a sloping battery panel to make the snow fall. Of course, other tools can also be borrowed. In this way, you will find that the effect of your power generation system is doubled;

2. Install solar panels at a large angle. This can reduce the speed of snow accumulation and eliminate the trouble of cleaning snow from time to time. "After you hesitate whether to choose 30 degrees or 40 degrees, obviously 40 would be a better solution." Pierce said.

3. Keep a little distance from the place during installation. Snow will not accumulate on the bottom when it slides, so that it will slowly accumulate and cover the entire battery assembly. Solar energy is an alternative energy source with low cost and high efficiency. As a substitute for traditional electric energy, new photovoltaic power generation systems are being installed in a large number of households. Moreover, once the grid is connected, even if snow cover slightly hinders solar power generation, the overall power supply is still normal.