Invented A Reverse Solar Cell Abroad, Which Can Generate Electric Light Source By Radiating Heat From Nighttime Earth.

Invented a reverse solar cell abroad, which can generate electric light source by radiating heat from nighttime earth.

On September 16, according to foreign media reports, researchers at Stanford University invented a "reverse solar cell" that could generate heat from the heat radiated from the Earth at night.

Most solar panels generate electricity from the sun through a physical process called the photovoltaic effect, which produces electricity on certain materials. However, scientists have invented another new device that uses the temperature difference between the sun and the earth to create the available energy.

At night, the ground is warmer than the air, which means that the earth radiates heat, a process known as sky radiant cooling. The device utilizes this temperature exchange and converts it into electrical energy.

Although sky radiant cooling produces much less energy than solar cells directly from the sun, it is enough to illuminate an LED bulb. Researchers claim that this helps provide reliable energy in off-grid areas around the world.

The researchers pointed out that the proof-of-concept device is manufactured with low-cost, off-the-shelf commodity components for a total cost of less than $30. It consists of a polystyrene box coated with an aluminized polyester film with a 200 mm aluminum plate painted black and adhered to act as a "thermal emitter."

Heat enters the air from the ground, enters the disk through a small piece of aluminum at the bottom of the box, and then radiates heat up into the air. This test produces 25 milliwatts of energy per square meter, enough to power a small LED light.

At the same time, the researchers claim that in higher insulation and drier climates, they will be able to achieve a power of 0.5 watts per square meter of disk.

The unit can also work in reverse during the day, absorbing sunlight and generating electricity from the heat from the sun to the disk. The generated electrical energy can also be used to power small sensors in remote areas, their lifetime is not limited by the battery, and the life of the thermoelectric module can be extended by an order of magnitude due to the life of the thermoelectric module.

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