120V Solar Charge Controller

Product Details

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Yangtze 120v Solar Charge Controller is an industrial grade product for off grid system such as power station , home solar system 

120v Solar Charge Controller Features:

·High effective PWM charging mode 

·Excellent thermal design ,cool control system and  electromagnetic compatibility 

·Controllable loading output 

·Battery charge and discharge parameters can be set up 

·LCD display  

·Various status indications 

·Over charge , over discharge , short circuit and overload protection as well as electronic           protection against reverse polarity

·TVS lightning protection 

·RS232 communication interface

120v Solar Charge Controller Electronic Protections:

·PV short circuit protection 

·PV reverse polarity protection 

·Battery overcharge protection

·Battery over discharge protection 

·Battery reverse polarity protection 

·Load overload protection 

·Load short circuit protection

·Overheating protection

◆YSC-B 100A High Power LCD Display Charger Controller 
Rated  Voltage 120V110V96V48V24V
Rated Charge Current 100A100A100A100A100A
Max Battery Allowable Voltage160V147V128V64V32V
Max PV Input Voltage 250V230V200V100A50A
Min PV Input Voltage 150V138V120V60V30V
Max PV Input Power 12000W11000W9600W4800W2400W
Over Voltage Switching Off 160V147V128V64V32V
Limited Charge Voltage 150V138V120V60V30V
Over Voltage Recovery 147V135V118V59V29.5V
Equilibrium Voltage 145V133V116V58V29V
Boost Voltage 138V127V110V55.2V27.6V
Float Voltage 125V115V100V50V25V
Under Voltage Recovery108V99V87V43.2V21.8V
Controller Protection Over-charge , Over-discharge , Over-current , Short circuit ,Reversed Polarity
Duration of Equilibrium2 Hours
Operating Temperature -35℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -35℃~+80℃
Using Altitude ≤3000 meters 
Humidity 0~90% RH (No Condensation)
Protection Level IP 30
Size 355 x 273 x 142mm