6V 3A Solar Charge Controller

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6V 3A Solar Charge Controller Features :

1.6V/12V automatic identification system voltage 

2.Improved three step charging algorithm ,once a week the battery equalizing charge,effectively prevent the battery inequality , improve the battery life span 

3.Equipped with the MCU ,artificially controlled 

4.Various status indications 

5.Over charge , over discharge , short circuit and overload protection as well as electronic protection against reverse polarity

◆YSC 6V/12V (1A-5A) Mini Solar Charger Controller 
Rated  Voltage 6V/12V
Strong Charge Voltage 7.4V/14.8V
Equilibrium Charge Voltage7.25V/14.5V
Floating Charge Voltage 6.85V/13.7V
Under Voltage5.4V/10.8V
Under Recover Voltage 6.5V/13V
Non-load Current ≤6mA
Charge Circuit Voltage Drop ≤0.2V
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop  ≤0.1V
Maximum Charge Current 1A,3A,5A
Maximum Load Current1A,3A,5A
Controller Protection Over-charge , Over-discharge , Over-current , Short circuit ,Reversed Polarity
Charge ModePWM Charging Mode 
Operating Temperature -20℃~+55℃
Protection Level IP22
Using Altitude ≤5500 meters 
Size 79.5 x 52 x 21.5mm