Waterproof Constant Current Charge Controller

Waterproof Constant Current Charge Controller
Product Details

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Yangtze Waterproof Constant Current Charge Controller combines solar charge controller and LED constant current driver into one unit which is ideal for solar LED lighting, especially when dimmer function is needed. The product is dedicated in LED indoor and outdoor lighting application condition, such as road lighting, landscape lighting and billboard lighting etc.

Waterproof Constant Current Charge Controller Features:

•Maximum output efficiency of 96%

•Without any button, parameter setting via Mobile APP and RC-01 with IR function

•Flexible dimmer function, 0~100% can be adjusted

•Multiple load control modes, LED rated current and current percentage can be set.

•Load test function for detecting the system, the controller power on, the load is ON.

•Aluminum housing for better cooling

•Fully encapsulated PCB, IP68 protection (1.5 meters, 72h)

•Long lifespan design

Waterproof Constant Current Charge Controller Electronic protections:

•PV reverse polarity protection

•Battery over voltage protection

•Battery over discharge protection

•Battery reverse polarity protection

•Battery  overheating protection

•Load short circuit protection

Load working mode:

•Manual Control

•LightON/OFF (Default)

•Light ON + Timer

•Time Control 

◆YSC-WU (5A-20A) Booster Type Solar Constant Current Controller 
ModelYSC-05WU / YSC-10WU / YSC-15WU / YSC-20WU
Rated Voltage 12V/24V Auto
Rated Current 5A/10A/15A/20A
Discharge Current Can be set up by the remote control ,0.33~3.30A, A default: 0.33A
Rated Power 12V->60W/x2/24V->120W
Solar Input Voltage <55V
Short Circuit Protection 4.5A/10uS
Equalizing Charge Voltage 14.7V; x2/24V(25℃), hold time : 1 hour 
Float Charge VoltageThrough remote control set ,defaults to :12V->13.8V/x2/24V->27.6V
Improve Charge VoltageThrough remote control set ,defaults to :12V->14.4V/x2/24V->28.8V
Over Discharge VoltageThrough remote control set ,defaults to :12V->12.5V/x2/24V->25.0V
Charge Return Voltage Through remote control set ,defaults to :12V->10.8V/x2/24V->21.6V
Light Control OPEN VoltageThrough remote control set ,defaults to :12V->4.0V/x2/24V->8.0V
Light Control CLOSE VoltageThrough remote control set ,defaults to :12V->8.0V/x2/24V->16.0V
Overload ,Short Circuit Protection 

1.25timestheratedcurrent of 3 minutes auto-recovery;

1.5 times the rated current of 5 minutes automatic recovery ; 

≥2 times the rated current , short circuit protection need to be checked 

recovery manually 

Temperature Compensation-4mv/℃/2V
Current Accuracy±5%
No-load Consumption <25mA
Lamp bead amount in series12V->5~10pcs / 24V->10~20pcs
Working Temperature -35℃~+65℃
Protection LevelIP68
Weight 150g
Size 102*81*19.6mm (LxWxH)